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Poster requirements:

  • Portrait format: Maximum poster size - 2M high, 1M wide.

  • Please make sure posters are not too heavy.


46 - Beatriz Afonso | Great Britain | Enhanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Module  - Enhancing the quality of regional neonatal services in London through nursing education and development


53 - Bente Silnes Tandberg | Norway | The PosiFeed Neo group benchmark of feeding strategies in Neonatal Care


15 - Christine Heald | Australia | Little Star Beads for NNU/NICU Babies


18 - Colm Darby | Great Britain | All- Ireland Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Forum- Forging cross countries connections to deliver improve neonatal services. 


20 - Colm Darby | Great Britain | Developing collaborative networks amongst Advanced Nurse Practitioners in neonatal units across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland- a whole island approach.


16 - Colm Darby | Great Britain | Humidified rPAP Stablisation and Delivery Room Cuddles


19 - Colm Darby | Great Britain | The Pro-Vac Movement- Promoting conversations about vaccine safety: A Quality Improvement and Education Initiative.


17 - Colm Darby | Great Britain | Understanding the power of Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in developing neonatal research studies.


47 - Deanne August | Australia | Cross-Sectional Survey for Assessment and Management of Neonatal and Paediatric Extravasation


29 - Dolphine Mochache | Kenya | Clinical mentorship to care of small and sick newborns: The Kenyan experience


27 - Francine DeMontigny | Canada | Father inclusive practices in health and community settings : Key characteristics of an environment conducive to fathers' inclusion


28 - Francine DeMontigny | Canada | Father inclusive practices: Nurses’ experience of intervening with fathers of young children

48 - Gillion Noreiks | Australia | Implications from an RCT for cessation or weaning of incubator humidification for 140 infants and clinical practice evaluation of implementation in a single neonatal unit. Or Incubator humidification after seven days an RCT: no effect on temperature, sodium or skin injury

54 - Irene Rød | Norway | An overview of the master's program in advanced clinical neonatal nursing

42 - Josephine Langton | Malawi | Using interprofessional education to build dynamic teams to help drive collaborative, coordinated and effective newborn care

56 - Justine Parsons | Australia | Neonatal Organ Donation: Developing Guidelines to Inform Practice

57 - Knarik Kirakosyan | Australia | Supporting Closeness and Building Relationships in the NICU post COVID-19 

58 - Linda Ng | Australia | If we develop it, will they stay?

64 - Lora Alexander | Great Britain | Maternity and Neonatal Safety Support Programme (MatNeo SSP) Cymru - Transforming Care Through Multidisciplinary Partnership

44 - Maureen O'Dowd | Great Britain | Interprofessional simulation program - Gastrschiscis

45 - Maureen O’Dowd | Great Britain | Development of a Tripartite Approach to Teaching Neonatal Resuscitation

61 - Mariana Bueno | Canada | The effectiveness of a multifaceted web-based resource in improving clinical pain practices in the NICU

24 - Margaret Broom | Australia | Communicating Safely: Standardizing Nursing Clinical Reports for Effective Neonatal Care

23 - Margaret Broom | Australia | Enhancing Neonatal End-of-Life Care: An Experienced-Based Co-Design Approach to Staff Education

2 - Marla Conley | US | Preclampsia: Short-and Long-term Implications

43 - Martin Chigwede | Malwai | Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Healthcare Workers’ on Gastroschisis Pre-referral Management Interventions in Central Malawi

25 - Mega Hasanul Huda | Indonesia | A systematic review and network meta-analysis of non-pharmacological interventions involving parent on pain during invasive procedure among newborns

21 - Mette Petersen | Denmark | Bridging the gap between healthcare sectors – facilitating the transition from NICU to the municipality and home for families with premature infants

22 - Mette Petersen | Denmark | From Expression Human milk to breastfeeding – an essential element in the journey to motherhood of mothers of prematurely born infants

63 - Michella Bjerregaard | Denmark | Establishing a partnership between researchers and families from a neonatal intensive care unit in a research project – experiences from researchers and families. 

14 - Miki Konishi | Japan | Unexpected impact of the COINN book, Neonatal Nursing: Global Perspective connecting Japanese readers with global colleagues’ challenges and opportunities.

40 - Mille Friis Bloch | Denmark | Onboarding new nurses with a ”Green-heart” concept

5 - Mohamed James Koroma Amara | Sierra Leone | Assessment of Breastfeeding Among lactating mothers with neonates born via Caesarean Section at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital, Fourah Bay Road, Freetown.

65 - Muna Dahir Hassan | Great Britain | Introducing early neonatal training and education for undergraduate Children's nurses and midwives.

39 - Mustapha Mahama | Ghana | Understanding umbilical cord practices in home births and missed opportunities in integrating facility-based care during the Covid-19 Pandemic: a qualitative inquiry in northern Ghana

59 - Nadine Griffiths | Australia | Development of a screening process for parental depression and parenting stress after discharge from a surgical neonatal intensive care unit

30 - Nancy Mburu | Kenya | Improving neonatal care: A holistic approach at a level 2 newborn care unit in Kerugoya, Kenya

26 - Novardian Nurse | Indonesian | Reducing MARSI prevalence in an Indonesian perinatology unit: A quality improvement initiative

60 - Renne Muirhead | Australia | Development of a Neonatal Nurse Controlled Analgesia model of care to optimise pain management for the surgical neonate.

4 - Sehrish Aslam | US | Improving Neonatal Mortality Outcomes: A Quality Improvement Initiative Assessing Teaching Approaches for Nurse Practitioners and/or Healthcare Trainers

3 - Sehrish Aslam | US | Unveiling Kangaroo Mother Care Practices: Insights from Healthcare Providers

41 - Susanne Soendergaard Kappel | Denmark | Time-intervals between pumping did not affect protein content in breastmilk from mothers of preterm infants

62 - Valerie Lebel | Canada | Transition of premature infants from the neonatal unit to Home: Parents’ educational needs to promote their psychological well-Being and sleep quality

55 - Veronica Starke | Sweden | Being parents of extremely preterm children, from a long-term perspective: A qualitative study of parents’ experiences

1 - Victoria Craig | Great Britain | Butterfly Hug / Safe Calm Place technique versus Tetris – a sequential mixed method feasibility study examining the acceptability of techniques to minimise post-traumatic stress symptoms of parents in the Neonatal Unit

49 - Welma Lubbe | South Africa | Key components of parenting education interventions for preterm infant-parent dyads admitted to the nicu: a systematic review

50 - Welma Lubbe | South Africa | Global partnerships: Navigating access to South African neonatal (NICU) populations

51 - Welma Lubbe | South Africa | Parental needs and perceptions regarding a parenting education intervention delivered to them while in the NICU

52 - Welma Lubbe | South Africa | Implementing Neurodevelopmental Supportive Care in South African NICUs: A National Multi-Site Initiative

Poster walk 1 - 08:30-09:10 (First Floor)

6 - Amanda Camacho | Canada | Development of a model to support the progression to direct breastfeeding in NICUs in the province of Quebec


7 - Emilia Biskop Lindgren | Sweden | Separation between mothers and infants after birth- Reasons and mothers experiences


8 - Rakel B. Jonsdottir | Iceland | Breastfeeding of preterm infants after early discharge


9 - Mohamed James Koroma | Sierra Leone | Prevalence and outcome of preterm admissions at the special care baby unit in oral during children’s hospital in freetown


10 - Lene Tandle Lyngstad | Norway | Nurse-parents Communication and interaction in Single-family Room NICUs in Norway


11 - Jennifer L. Middleton | Australia | Hug Me Early: Kangaroo Care within 6 Hours of Admission for Infants Born <32 weeks


12 - Aya Nakai | Japan | Noninvasive respiratory support for early extubation in extremely premature infants: A scoping review


13 - Sophie Proud | Great Britain | From A 24 weeker to a Neonatal Junior Sister- A Complete Neonatal Journey

Poster walk 2 - 08:30-09:10 (First Floor)

31 - Kristin Anderson | USA | Sierra Leone: Neonatal Nursing Clinical Preceptor Orientation Program


32 - Diane Chalkright | Great Britain | A valuable forgotten skill set, Exchange Transfusion


33 - Julia Cooper | Great Britain | Partners in Care - how are you doing? A Benchmark Tool to Assess Family Integrated Care in Neonatal Units.


34 - Kelly Hauman | Belgium | Determining research priorities according to Dutch NICU nurses


35 - Carin Maree | South Africa | ​​The Luswane Loluphilile partnership between the University of Pretoria and Eswatini Ministry of Health to strengthen the neonatal healthcare system


36 - Mustapha Mahama | Ghana | Improving Neonatal Outcomes through Innovative Practice: The role of the Specialist Neonatal Nurse


37 - Kiruja Jason | Kenya | Mapping Neonatal Nursing in Kenya: Profile, Experiences, Locations, and Roles of neonatal nurses.


38 - Grace Tahuna Soko | Malawi | Enhancing Neonatal Care Delivery through Mentorship in Malawi

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